Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque’s Saudi Patron

One of the open questions about Rauf and the Ground Zero Mosque has to do with where he is getting the financing. While Rauf wouldn't tell us, in this modern age of information we could be assured that someone would dig it out, and someone has: This article appears in the Investors Business Daily.

The Saudi individual identified as a Mosque backer has strong ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. What is the relationship of The Muslim Brothers to Islamism? Sayyid Qutb, the chief ideologue of Islamism was a Muslim Brother. Arabic Islamism originated in the Muslim Brotherhood, and its influence spread throughout the Muslim world and beyond. Now its influence is being increased in New York. I can't say it will be a new thing in New York because the Al Farooq mosque in Brooklyn has been a hot-bed of Islamist training.

The Muslim Brothers are not a "Moderate" Islamic organization. And the Wahhabi Saudis pushing their agenda aren't Moderate either.

Perhaps some Leftist or Liberal (I have the same problem distinguishing between them that I do distinguishing between Moderate and Radical Muslims) can read this same article and tell me how harmless it sounds -- perhaps it is nothing more than the First Amendment at work. Or maybe the Investors Business Daily is a seething cauldron of Right-Wing propaganda. It looked like just another business journal to me, but I'll leave it to the Left to sniff out enemies of the Left-Wing-Moderate-Radical-Islam -- just as some of the rest of us are good at sniffing out enemies of Liberal Democracy.

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