Friday, August 13, 2010

Re: States’ Rights, Islamism, and the Cordoban Mosque


Blogblather wrote, There are many, many, many things in Lawrence's post that I disagree with.  Too many to go into here.  So I limit myself to his last sentence: "By that I mean, they [Muslims] need to exclude Islamist influence, and demonstrate to us that this influence is excluded, and demonstrate this exclusion collectively before they are build any mosques here."  So you want to require of Muslims that they pass a religion test?  Does that hold for all religions?  Must they all be State approved?  I'd thought rejection of such was the wellspring of America.

Lawrence responds:  No, I want Muslims to pass a violence test. Islamism teaches that you've got to kill unbelievers if you want to go to paradise. Not everyone does it, of course, and perhaps some think they might make it to paradise without killing anyone, but it is an approved method of getting there and all Islamists (and many Traditional Muslims) empathize with Islamist martyrs.

I want to limit the number of those people coming into our country. Also, if it were up to me I would close mosques (like the Al-Farooq Mosque in Brooklyn) which has a record of teaching Islamism.  One of the previous Al Farooq Mosque leaders planned the first attempt to destroy the World Trade Center.  The son of an Al Farooq mosque leader left to study under al Qaeda in Waziristan. He is now Al Qaeda's head of operations. Not bad for a young Muslim from the Al Farooq mosque. Some of our schools have a "zero tolerance" for drugs or weapons. How about a zero tolerance for Islamists.

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