Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Islamism and the Cordoba Mosque


Anonymous, aka, Robert left the following comment in response to "Islamism, D. H. Lawrence & The Ground Zero Mosque":
Robert: Thanks for responding. I must confess that I can't see that your position is strengthened by the Internet sources you cite: a writer at the Ottawa Citizen who's lucky to have somewhere to practice writing and takes his arguments from something New Gingrich has said without doing any fact-finding himself; a letter-to-the-editor from someone in Florida, who appears to have no credentials other than his own opinion; and the Web page of a small, conservative group which exists to frighten the easily-frightened into thinking that Moslems are the source of all evil (along with Barack Obama and the Marxist-Leninists hiding in the strawberry fields of the Central Valley).
I believe that in another context you'd find these 'arguments' to be no arguments at all but unsupported ideological cant. I'll be more specific about the faults I find in them, and add something about your own arguments—but not just now. Maybe later tonight, or in the morning.
Lawrence: You misunderstand me. I wasn't trying to "strengthen" my position or argument. I quoted whatever turned up first on Google. This story is everywhere, isn't it? Are you a connoisseur of news sources? I guess I'm not. I am responding to the fact, undisputed as far as I know, that an Islamist or Islamic group wants to erect a 13-story mosque named "Cordoba" near Ground Zero. I understand that the Mayor of New York is in favor of this erection. I formed my opinion before I read any article. Shame on me. But I was encouraged to learn that a number of people also oppose the building of this mosque.

What do you think of this article?

An American-born Muslim -- not an Islamist according to Robert's definition, perhaps -- wants to go someplace and blow up infidels. The article implies that he developed his enthusiasm for blowing up infidels in an American Mosque. Is it being bigoted to believe we shouldn't tolerate this process?

Blogblather would say I am being a intolerant for not wanting the Islamists (or Islamics -- who knows) from building their 13-story Cordoba Mosque near ground zero. If I am willing for Christians to build churches, he and Robert would say, then I ought to be willing for Muslims to build the Cordoba Mosque.

Many who are saying this, that we should not restrict Mosques or anything else the Islamists want to do, are the same people who once said it was intolerant (not that word exactly, but a working equivalent) of anyone not willing to let Communists do whatever they wanted to do. Any desire to protect Americans against avowed enemies was (and still is) claimed to be a violation of the First Amendment. This isn't "toleration" this is suicide -- except that the High-Brow liberals in their top hats realize that it is someone else who will bear the brunt of their suicidal "toleration," the toleration of enemies who have vowed our destruction. Those guys down there who extinguish fires and arrest murderers -- those guys will be the ones killed.

Call me intolerant, but I don't believe that those bent upon our destruction should be given the keys to the city of New York or any other American city.

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