Thursday, August 5, 2010

Islamic news in San Jacinto


I subscribe to "The Press-Enterprise, Inland Southern California's Newspaper." In the opinion section is an editorial by Lena Kahn entitled "Mosques promote love, not terror." She thinks Islam is a religion of love and that those non-Muslims should be educated to realize this. Those who protest against the Cordoba Mosque have "somehow learned hate instead of love." Lena says she "will pray for them anyway."

In other news, "More Victims ID'd amid workplace shootings investigation." In Hartford Conn. "Twenty-four hours after the deadliest workplace shooting in Connecticut history, the scene at Hartford Distributors was quiet Wednesday morning, as investigators pieced together the events and combined through evidence.

"Police believe Omar S. Thornton, 34, shot eight people at Hartford Distributors in Manchester on Tuesday morning before turning the gun on himself."

Someone who knew the victims "had a rad time believing reports that racism motivated Thornton." No one in the article questioned whether "religion" might have motivated Thornton. Nor do we hear anything about the Mosque Thornton attended. So I decided to check some non-San-Jacinto news sources:

"One report says the man who shot and killed 8 fellow workers and himself in a beer distribution plant was named Omar Thornton aka Thornton Omar Sharriff. Another case of Sudden Jihad Syndrome as in the Fort Hood massacre?" That's interesting I hadn't heard about the "Sudden Jihad Syndrome" before, but it shouldn't be surprising. Islamism encourages the killing of infidels so it isn't stretching the imagination too far to imagine Thornton, or Sharriff killing two birds with one stone. He could kill some of the coworkers and bosses who pissed him off and get Allah to bless his actions because those guys were infidels. Time to rush off and get those virgins.

Here is a video of a 911 reporting the Thornton shooting as it is going on:

Here is another article. In this one the Uncle of Omar Thornton blames the victims for their racism. Yes, Omar did some stealing but only because he was forced to do so because of the racism. That argument doesn't impress me, but it might impress Billy Blogblather.

Getting back to my newspaper is see the article "Pakistani police targeted by bomber." "A suicide bomb attack killed four people in the northwest Pakistan city of Peshawar on Wednesday, including a top national police official . . ." The article doesn't say whether the police official was guilty of racism.

Okay, Lena Kahn, explain all that love to me again. I keep forgetting.

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