Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Sudden Jihad Syndrome at work in Canada

In our never-ending search for Moderate Islam, we visit a Canadian Mosque. Just yesterday (August 27th) two moderate members of this moderate Mosque in Brossard, south of Montreal were arrested in an "alleged plot to bomb Canadian targets."

Canadians can't make sense of this, for these two worked at a Montreal hospital and even played on the same Muslim ball hockey team.

"A former McGill classmate, who didn't want to be identified, tells QMI Agency that Sher was a calm man who showed no signs of radicalization at school.

"It's a huge surprise,' he said. "I never would have expected this. I can't believe that a calm guy like that could plan such violent acts."

"He must be a decent fellow"

Indeed yes, they both must be -- two more "Moderate Muslims" attending a "Moderate Mosque" who fell victim to the Sudden Jihad Syndrome.  It’s a great mystery.  Who can explain it?

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