Saturday, March 5, 2011

E-500 on a bright morning, 3-5-11

[using the E-500 & Sigma 18-125mm lens]

My weak eyes weren’t a match for the bright sun and the E-500’s tiny viewfinder, but a few were worth saving.


Two women with two small leashed dogs walked by on the River Service road; which is on the other side of the bank.  Ginger & Duffy were immensely interested, but I managed to keep them from climbing up there for a visit.


This owl objected to the presents of Duffy and the girls beneath her tree.  Her mate showed up and they took off with a great noisy fluttering of wings and the loss of a feather or two, but my observant and wary dogs never looked up.


It isn’t as though they have anything to worry about.  Perhaps Duffy should learn to look up, but probably not if he sticks close to his big Ridgeback buddy.


He doesn’t stick too close, but he knows where to find her if need be.



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