Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Vultures and the Troll, 3-24-11

[E1 & Sigma 18-125mm]
I don’t actually have photos of the vultures, but here is the troll.   You can see his head poking up above the fallen branches.
Trolls normally live under bridges and he said that he intended to live under the bridge which you can see to his left, but there were lizards under there and he hated lizards.  He asked me if I had taken any photos of the vultures.  I told him I got a few of the hawks (see below) and asked if he meant hawks.  No, he meant vultures: long necks like turkeys.  He told me which tree they were nesting in and urged me to take some photos of them.  I said I would look at his tree the next time I was down there.
I observed that he had a cozy spot if the people living behind him didn’t complain.  “Oh, they’ve all been evicted,” he told me.  Someone bought up the place, bought up the golf course and the whole river.”  I told him I didn’t think the actual river could be sold.  “Well both sides of it then.”
“Not the dairy side,” I said.  I read the dairy people intend to stay.
“No it wasn’t the dairy,” he said.  “Some large scientific organization.” 
I wondered how he got all of this information living under a tree but he told me he had a job lined up repairing a house once the bank okayed someone’s loan.
But before this chat, I saw the hawks.  There were two of them this time:
This seems to be their tree, or maybe just a favorite perch.  I’m inclined now to think that the circling the other day was over this tree and Duffy just happened to be underneath it.  I suspect they eat something other than Schnoodles:
Here is a golf-course building.  The golf course was bought up too, according to the Troll, but there seems to be a light on in the window.

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