Thursday, March 10, 2011

Running away to the same place, 3-10-11

My nephew asked me in his deferential way whether I had thought of photographing new scenery, perhaps areas higher up in the mountains. There are practical deterrents to that idea but also some philosophical ones. I used to take Trooper and Heidi to the nearest “real” trail and invariably come home with a collection of deer ticks.  I was never clever enough to find them all before they got fairly large.  I can imagine Susan’s horror if she found one of those things growing out of her lap dog – while he was on her lap.

Also, some of the maintained trails have rules against dogs being off leash. If I had just one dog I might manage on those, letting her run off leash and then calling her back for her leash if we spotted anyone, but there is no possibility of that with three dogs. Also, my eyes aren’t what they used to be; so I don’t like driving long distances.

From a philosophical side, I am a minimalist. In truth I see “new scenery” each time I go to the river. The light changes as do clouds, weather, temperature, wind, and water. Also, there will be rabbits to chase and the occasional coyote or feral dog to deal with.

Today for example the sun was casting interesting shadows on the grass which was doing well because of the recent rain:



P3101864  P3101870








Is not the going to new place after new place like running away?  They say that about people who move frequently, that they are running away from their circumstances but the chief cause of their problems, themselves, being something they can’t run away from. 

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