Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Australian lawyer smokes pages of Koran


You just knew this was going to catch on. Maybe Obama and Rauf were afraid of Islamic reaction to the Rev. Terry Jones plan to burn some Korans, but most people on the right probably weren't despite being accused of fearing Islamists.

I suspect Alex Stewart is not right wing. He seems more concerned about civil rights. He was not going to let some medieval Islamists tell him what he could or couldn't do. And that strikes me as a more consistent Liberal stance than what we have been seeing here in the U.S. Are Liberals interested in Civil Rights, freedom of speech, etc? If so then they should feel a bit hypocritical when they cave in to Islamist threats of violence. Instead we have seen raw fear. We have seen American Liberals, Leftists, and Pacifists running scared. They don't want to say or do anything that might make the Islamists mad. They are even willing to give up their first-amendment rights . . . well, at least Terry Jones'.

But not this Australian lawyer, at least not when he did the video. The video, from the description of it, was very much in keeping with the Civil-Rights-views of Leftists and Liberals . . . at least when they weren't being threatened by Islamist violence. As long as no one was shouting at them, as for example this fellow:


they spoke out boldly for Free Speech. But once this guy and a few others got properly worked up, they shut up, at least over here in the U.S.: We've got nothing but quiet, meek, Leftists and Liberals now. They don't like being shouted at.

Now while this Australian lawyer's act sounded bold, I suspect he's learned his lesson. "Mr Stewart . . . has begun a period of leave following a meeting with his employers today. . . The university is obviously extremely, extremely unhappy and disappointed that this sort of incident should occur," . . . Of course it is.

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