Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Leftists who favored flag burning oppose Koran burning

In response to my note on burning the American Flag and the Koran (http://www.lawrencehelm.com/2010/09/burning-american-flag-and-koran.html) a Leftist responded with displeasure.

I suppose in this case, the Leftist is reckoning on the letter of the law. I find Leftists that supported the burning of the flag back in 1989 -- to the extent that they brought it before the Supreme Court and got approval for their actions -- are on the other side at present. Once they favored burning American Flags. Now they oppose the burning of Korans.

Jones didn't want to burn Korans as "an end." He wanted to burn it as the "means" of getting the Ground Zero Mosque moved elsewhere. Move the Mosque and he won't burn the Korans -- at least that is the way things started out. I'll grant that Jones wasn't interested in bringing a suit before the Supreme Court, but he did want the Mosque moved and initially thought that might happen as a result of his threat.

But then he was "censored." How was he censored if there was no law in the U.S. against burning Korans? The President, Attorney General and the FBI brought pressure upon him.

The context I intended had to do with Leftists, Liberals and pacifists caving in to Islamist threats of violence. Maybe that's all the pressure that was brought upon Terry Jones. He doesn't strike me as someone able to keep matters in context or to weigh his actions against future possibilities. He, like Leftists, Liberals and pacifists caved in to pressure. No, Terry Jones isn't going to bring a law suit to permit him to burn Korans. He already has that right, at least in theory, but he is caving in to pressure.

Was I arguing that Leftists wished they hadn't obtained their right to burn American Flags? No, that was not my argument. My argument was that once upon a time, in 1989, they obtained the right through the Supreme Court to burn American flags, but now that someone who isn't anti-American seeks to use that right (Terry Jones) pressure is brought upon him to desist. They don't want him to use this right. They are now on the other side.

Heck, to be honest, if the FBI showed up at my door and said the Attorney General asked them to question me about certain anti-Islamist statements I had made on my blog to see if there wasn't any way I'd be willing to delete them, I'm not positive I would insist on my "rights." I am already disgusted with the Executive branch of government caving in to the bullying of Islamist thugs. Heck, I'd quit criticizing Islamists if they put that sort of pressure on me. After all, I said in the past that I wasn't going to concentrate upon domestic issues during the Obama administration. I was more interested in foreign affairs. But if pressure was brought upon me to back off of something I consider foreign in nature, I might find it within myself to switch over to domestic issues. Who knows, I might find something of a domestic nature that the Obama administration has been involved in (other than the pressure applied to Terry Jones) that I might be interested in writing about.

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