Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Searching for the Real Terry Jones

Liberals and Leftists haven't argued against Terry Jones. I hear them claiming that Terry Jones has his rights which they support, but then they denigrate him to such an extent that no one, certainly no one believing Leftist-Liberal reporting would ever listen to him. Here is Billy Blogblather, for example, explaining why Liberals and Leftists support Terry Jones' rights:

"Astonishing, Lawrence.  You've written many an astonishing comment, but this one takes the cake.   Tell me what Liberals or Leftists want to shut Terry Jones up.  Name them.  We (Lib-Lefts) WANT Terry Jones to shut up.  He's a ignorant little self-aggrandizing creep, a charlatan, likely sociopyschopath, but no one I know, wanted or wants the  state to step in and keep Jones from burning Korans.  To the contrary, Lib-Lefts support his right.  What we object to is his stupidity, his arrogance, his lack of concern for the consequences of his behavior. The shouts went up: "Don't do this, you asshole!" 

Yes, Billy, yours is the approach I was referring to when I said you guys wanted Terry Jones to shut up. You bring pressure to bear upon him. I've mentioned several important names who have applied this pressure. Billy assumed as another Leftist did that I was assuming an exact parallel. That I was saying Leftist and Liberals wanted to take Terry Jones "rights" away. No, I wasn't saying or assuming that, but I did say that the law you got passed when everything was going your own way is now being used against you. Back in 1989 burning flags was big Leftist business. But the Muslims who learned from you have made American-flag burning into a much larger enterprise than anything you imagined. Still, that was okay with you. Radical Muslims had their right to burn American flags just like everyone else.

But then along came Terry Jones wanting to burn a few Korans and you came unglued. You wanted to stop him. Review your words quoted above. You start out saying you don't want to stop him but ending up saying you want to stop him. You, Billy, are as conflicted as every other Liberal-Leftist who supported flag-burning back in 1989.

I've noticed a few things about this ridicule of Terry Jones. Initial reports said his church had 50 families. That is the way Christian churches often think -- in terms of families. Fifty families is a small church, but a 50-family church can be self-supporting. But notice what Lib-Leftist reportage has done to this. They turned 50 families into 50 members. Then later they turned it into 30 members.

Another thing I noticed is that they aren't willing to credit Terry Jones with wanting the Ground Zero Mosque moved. The majority of Americans want the Mosque moved, but not (according to the Lib-Leftists) Terry Jones. He doesn't care about the Mosque. He only cares about his fifteen minutes of fame. He isn't interested in combating Radical Islam. He is merely an "attention seeker."

I decided to try to find out what Terry Jones was really about. I've just started, but here is a video he posted on YouTube:

I didn't hear him say anything that wouldn't resonate with the Red States.  I didn’t hear him saying anything that would support the Lib-Leftist caricature.  I heard hints of some theology I wouldn't agree with, but I'm not willing to quibble with him over that.  He doesn't sound like an "attention getter" to me. He sounds like someone willing to oppose radical Islam. There is nothing wrong with that.

I'm going to try and find out more of what Terry Jones says and is willing to do. Leftist insults and ridicule don't provide enough of an explanation for me. It leaves a bitter taste in my mouth and isn't very satisfying.

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