Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pressure being applied on Terry Jones

Blogblather responded to one of my earlier notes about the censorious pressure being applied to Terry Jones. "Nonsense," Blogblather says, there was no censorship, just pleading with Jones to do the right thing? I wonder if anyone pled with the flag-burners back in 1989 to "do the right thing."

Did I mention that the Secretary of Defense also visited Terry Jones?

Did I mention that the bank handling his mortgage cancelled his loan and demanded immediate payment?

Did I mention that the IRS decided to investigate Jones' tax returns?

Yes, yes, yes, he has the right to burn Korans. I'm not saying that the Lib-Left has taken away his "right" to do that. But I see, every place I look, Lib-Leftists criticizing, abusing, snarling at, and condemning this man who has this right to burn something he disapproves of. Blogblather asks me to name names. How about "all of them." I haven't read a Lib-Leftist who hasn't sought to apply some sort of pressure upon Jones. Don't look for anyone trying to take away his "right," Billy. I never said that. Look for the pressure. Look for people condemning him without bothering to find out what he is preaching. Look for the typical Lib-Leftist insults and abuses. Look for government agencies to come after him in any way they can. If you do that, you'll be looking in the right place.

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