Friday, September 24, 2010

Bruce Thornton, Victor Davis Hanson, and Europe’s “slow suicide”

A friend sent me the following article, entitled "Policies Based on Illusion" by Bruce Thornton:

I was intrigued enough to Google Bruce Thornton and found the following YouTube interview:

The friend who sent me the Thornton article is not a big fan of Victor Davis Hanson, but what a coincidence that Thornton is also a classicist and also teaches at the University of California at Fresno -- where Hanson once taught. I suspect that Hanson wouldn't have responded quite the way that Thornton did during the YouTube interview but only, I suspect, because of focus. Thornton is interested in the impending fall of Europe while Hanson's seems more focused on America's internal problems. To put it another way, Thornton seems more of an internationalist (in terms of interest) while Hanson is more of an Americanist. But this is only an impression based on very little knowledge of Thornton.

Perhaps it seems incongruous to call someone an Americanist who has written on Greek history and "the Western Way of War," but my impression (without having followed Hanson terribly closely) is that his wide ranging interests have dwindled.

My interests seem closer to Thornton's so I ordered his Decline and Fall, Europe's slow suicide; whereas I have not read a book by Hanson in a long while.

Based on the interview, Thornton seems willing to address all the knotty questions about Europe's future and America's relationship with Europe.

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