Monday, September 20, 2010

France's Burqa banning and Florida's Book Burning

This is an interesting story because France is much further down this pacifistic road than we are. Very few people sided with Terry Jones intention to burn some Korans in hopes of getting the Ground Zero Mosque moved. Huge numbers feared that such an action, the burning of Korans would "cause" large numbers of frenzied Muslims to kill huge numbers of Americans.

I vented my disgust over this Lib-Leftist wimpy capitulation. I resented the idea that America was letting itself be bullied by Muslim thugs. "You'd better do what we want," the Muslim mantra demands, "or we will kill some people, burn some things, and blow some things up." "You'd better do what we want," the Muslims demanded "or you'll be really really sorry."

Like training a child or a dog, if you give in to their tantrums you are going to have a miserable companion in a few years. That is what has happened in France. They gave in time and time again. Now, their Muslims don't want to be thwarted ever again in anything.

After banning the Burqa, all France is running about in terror hoping to fend off the expected rage-filled tantrum.

Here in the U.S. we are still hounding Terry Jones for having the temerity to scare the wits out of our timid little Left-wing souls.

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