Thursday, February 17, 2011

Another Part of the River, II


We found a spot where someone had been living.  Either that or some kids had built themselves a “fort.”  But they probably gave it up during a heavy rain.


In this one you can make out the law-enforcement truck towing a trailer and followed by a line of traffic soon to be pulled over and checked for something.  If you knew where to look you could see our Jeep under a tree up ahead.  A few minutes later we pulled out, turned right and were never stopped.  I’m not sure Duffy or the girls could have passed a breathalyzer.  Earlier Sage found a rabbit carcass (you can see it in one of the photos in Part I).  First Ginger took it away from her and then Duffy got it.  Right before we got in the Jeep Duffy found a dead mouse that he desperately wanted to take home.  He gave it up only after a struggle. 


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Lawrence Helm said...

What I took to be a police round up of some sort was actually police protection for the one leg of a planned six-month, 5,400-mile walk from the La Jolla (beginning Monday) to Washington, D.C. "to fight diabetes." The "leg" I saw part of began at the Soboba Casino. I noticed mostly cars; so perhaps there were cars following the walkers in case they couldn't complete their "leg."