Thursday, February 3, 2011

Duffy at 8 months, I


While old film lenses (legacy lenses) can be made to fit modern digital SLRs by means of adapters, one must then learn to set and focus the lens manually, or almost manually.  In my case, with the E-520, I had a built-in light meter to guide me, but I had to set the aperture and focus things manually.  The most difficult setting, when looking through a small view-finder, is focus.  I can set it at infinity and take excellent photos of the mountains, but trying to get close-ups of an active eight-month old Schnoodle is much more challenging.  Duffy did pause from time to time, as you can see, and a few photos came out.  I used a Yashica Lens, the DSB 50mm 1:1.9.







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