Saturday, February 26, 2011

Snow & the new lens

Yesterday I received a weather-proof lens (a 14-54mm Zuiko) to go with my weather-proof camera (an E-1).  It rained from that time to about 09:30.  It looked like it was going to start again, but there was snow on the local mountains – a rare sight:
Duffy, who will be 8 months old tomorrow and unaware of how rare a thing snow is around here, was more interested in a sandy puddle:
And wrestling with Ginger:
But I kept my eye on the snow:
I could see a hint of blue now and again and could almost believe it was clearing up:
But a few minutes further along and dark clouds began pushing the blue away:
When I looked behind us and saw this, I decided to turn back.  I suspected those dark clouds would get to us before we got to the Jeep:
This was the last photo I took before it started raining. As soon as I saw a drop of rain on my camera’s LCD, I tucked it safely away and headed for the Jeep. 

It began raining heavily just before we got to the Jeep and before we pulled out onto Soboba road sleet was hitting the windshield.  All in all an excellent welcoming of the new lens to San Jacinto.

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