Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Traffic at the river


Earlier someone passed us, and while you can’t tell it from this photo, the woman was traveling in the same direction we were.  Duffy went half way toward her but quickly ran back.


Meanwhile Ginger was watching people coming up behind us. Strangely, at some point they disappeared.  The paving of the river service road stops just ahead of Ginger.  We were going the opposite way and I would look back occasionally to see how fast they were moving, but they never came up onto the paved area, and I couldn’t see them going back the other way – another river mystery.


We see more ducks each time we pass this way




We don’t usually travel far on the service road, but when we make a great circle the service road is part of it.  In the rest of these we have abandoned the service road for our natural habitat:


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