Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tree blooms & flowers

[using an E-520 & a Sigma 18-125.  I don’t mind using the word “detail” after using the Sigma.  It seems to provide more detail, Image Quality, than my other lenses.]

Having learned that advanced photographers love to photograph flowers, and wishing to advance as quickly as possible, I have been on the lookout, but the pickings at the river are slim; so I often concentrate upon trees; which are spectacular without half trying and this one has a sort of bloom or fruit.



Someone thought that these looked like birch trees. 




If so these birch-tree blooms !?:





And this is from a different tree.


And here are some tiny flowers doing the best they can near where I park  -- very tiny, I had to use some magnification to get a good look at them:


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