Sunday, February 20, 2011

In between the rain flurries, I

My weather predicting is accurate only because I can look out my study window and see the mountains.  It had been raining, but I saw some blue sky; so I packed up the dogs and my gear and we went to the river.  This was the direction we were coming from:


And this was the direction we were heading toward


And the wind, at least on the river service road was blowing toward the dark cloud so I thought we’d be okay for a couple of hours. 


. . . keeping an eye on our back trail . . .  and there seemed to be some darkening toward the Southwest:


Duffy didn’t appear worried about the weather:P2198311

But Sage kept an eye on it:


I wanted to see what the Ducks were up to before turning back.  For that see “In Between the Rain Flurries, II”

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