Monday, September 22, 2008

The American Left and Radical Islam

Lefty, The association of the American Left with Radical Islam has been demonstrated by a number of writers. They have speculated about why this is the case. Read for example, Unholy Alliance, Radical Islam and the American Left by David Horowitz.

This Anti-Americanism is consistent with its European cousin. Read Jean-Francois Revel’s Anti-Americanism, Bruce Bawer’s While Europe Slept, How Radical Islam is destroying the west from within, Claire Berlinski’s Menace in Europe, why the continent’s Crisis is America’s too, Jonathan Fenby’s France on the Brink, a Great Civilization Faces the New Century.

There has been so much written on this, I must believe it is common knowledge. Leftist writers and Islamists use the same anti-American arguments. They borrow from each other. They support each other’s causes.

Way back after 9/11, before Bush did anything, I hoped he was going to have the guts to oppose the Islamists, but I had my doubts. I voiced them on whatever discussion group I was in at the time – Bush had no experience. His platform didn’t include anything that was remotely warlike. Since then he has conducted the war against the Islamists in a creditable fashion. Critics are entitled to argue that Bush used too few troops and didn’t do this or that right in regard to managing the war, but Leftists and Islamists argue that the Islamists are right and America is wrong. Whatever America does is for some underhanded reason. We want to get Iraqi oil. We want to prop up thugs here and there. We want to advance our empire. The list goes on and on. Read speeches by Ward Churchill and Osama bin Laden to enlarge the list.

When I refer to Leftists, I am not referring to the loyal opposition, to people like Joe Lieberman? The Leftists I’m describing believe America should be defeated by the Islamists. It believes that it deserved to have its world trade center destroyed on 9/11. Such Leftists have declared common cause with the Radical Islamists.

Lawrence Helm

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