Monday, September 22, 2008

Leftists as Islamist dupes

What you have provided in your note, Polly, is the Islamist party line. It is also the Leftist party line: America deserved to be attacked on 9/11. Oh, you soften it by saying “our actions had consequences,” but it amounts to the same thing even though your motive in saying it may be different than the Islamists. What you intend and say isn’t harmless. It is wrong; utterly false. A great literature exists describing the creation of Islamism. We know how it originated, and we know what it teaches. The motivation for the attack against the U.S. on 9/11 does not lie in what the U.S. did. It lies in what Islamism is. Islamism is a politico/religious ideology. It argues that Allah has promised that Islam will spread throughout the world. Sayyid Qutb as its most articulate spokesman argued that the Jihad should be used to advance the “truth” within Islamic countries and within the countries of the infidel.

Leftists have provided their own traditional overlay and argued, well, yes, it is religious, I suppose, but that is just their way of expressing their Marxist revolutionary spirit. But that is nonsense. Nothing in their writings or in their actions implies that they are motivated by Marxist ideology. Their motivation is religious. It is a Fundamentalist form of Islam that emphasizes the militant advance of their beliefs.

Al Quaeda was formed at the end of the war in Afghanistan, after the defeat of the USSR. They believe that great victory indicated Allah’s approval. And if they could defeat the USSR, the US should be even simpler because the US was afraid to fight. Osama described in speeches how the U.S. ran away on several occasions; whereas he and his followers were invincible because they embraced death. They were not afraid to die and as a consequence the US would not be able to stand against them. That was Sayyid Qutb’s ideology taught to Osama bin Laden by Sayyid’s brother, Mohhamad. Also, that ideology was widely believed throughout the Middle East before we invaded Afghanistan and Iraq. It wasn’t embraced by just a few “gangs” or “jihadists” as many Leftists argue. It was and is a widespread belief and it favors the Jihad. It favors terrorist attacks as a way to further the Islamic cause.

Read Sayyid Qutb. He has written voluminously. Qutb came to the US and studied at a college in Colorado where he developed a negative opinion of Americans. They are a decadent people, he concluded. But his negative opinion wasn’t about anything the U.S. did, it had to do with what the U.S. was – it was a nation of infidels – decadent infidels who used “freedom” as a license to engage in all sorts of immoral activities. According to Qutb, all infidels must convert or be destroyed. There is no other way as far as militant Islam is concerned.

We have been fighting against Militant Islam. We have proved to Osama that we aren’t afraid to fight, and you Leftists have opposed us every step of the way. Your anointed one wanted to surrender and withdraw from Iraq, but when the surge worked, he couldn’t do that; so he is now urging the next best thing – a premature withdrawal of troops and redeployment to Afghanistan. Iraq is more important than Afghanistan despite what Obama says. Our primary goal in the Middle East should remain Iraq’s stability and not an ongoing snipe hunt in the mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan for Osama bin Laden.

Maybe . . . maybe, peer pressure will force Obama to do the responsible thing if he is elected. Perhaps he will provide adequate support to Iraq. I hope so, but I do not trust the Leftists to do the right thing for America. No. Their own ideology favors Socialism. They continue to mourn like Bernardine Dhorn for the fall of the USSR in 1989 and long for a better, more idealistic Communism.

And if you, dear innocent Leftist, aren’t mourning and longing, then maybe you aren’t as Leftist as you think you are. Maybe you’re merely watching too much programming from the real Leftists. Maybe you are being duped.

Lawrence Helm

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