Monday, September 8, 2008

Bernardine Dhorn, an Obama supporter

It wasn’t just Bill Ayers who was at the Obama career launching party. Bernardine Dohrn also helped launch Obama’s career in Illinois. Here is Bernardine speaking at the MSU SDS Reunion: (Dohrn part 1) (Dohrn part 2) (Ayres Part 1) (Ayers, Part 2)

We know Ayers and Dohrn were in the Weather Underground, but they were also in the SDS, Students for a democratic Society. They didn’t repudiate that either. Here they are, shown in the two Ayers Youtubes and the two Dohrn Youtubes waxing nostalgic, despite Ayers’ repudiation of nostalgia (for that would imply that it was over and done rather than ongoing) about this Socialist organization of the 60s.

Can you imagine Dohrn, Ayers, Obama and others sitting around in someone’s house brain-storming about the future. You can’t reasonably argue that there was no relationship between their beliefs and Obama’s. Why would they support him unless they 1) agreed with his ideas or 2) were satisfied that he agreed with their ideas?

When Dohrn spoke of “Hope,” she was rather more specific about what she was hoping for than Obama was when he spoke of Hope. She hoped for a Socialistic future – a new and better socialism. She hates Capitalism as does Ayers. Both Dohrn and Ayers still want to blow up this country – figuratively, of course, now that they are Distinguished professors – or at least Ayers is. (Dohrn teaches comparative law. And since 2002, she has served on the Visiting Law Faculty at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. ) Does Obama want to blow it up as well? He speaks of Change. What exactly does he mean by that? Does he mean what Dohrn means?

Lawrence Helm

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