Thursday, September 4, 2008

Europe's serious immigration problems

In regard to a discussion of Ralph Peters, New Glory, Expanding America’s Global Supremacy, Polly quoted the following words from something I wrote:

“Yeah, a lot of people seem to be worried that Europe will remain pacific while it is being taken over by Islam, e.g., Oriana Fallaci and Bat Yeor. There are many “official” decisions made by European leaders that imply Europe is soft on Islam, but the common people are not going along with these decisions.”

Polly responded with, “But I think you'd agree that Peters is saying neither of these things, given his comparing Europe to the (Old) Deep South i.e. to a place of deeply institutionalized systematic and systemic racism, often openly violent. A place where black people were routinely denied their voting rights and threatened (or worse) when they tried to register to vote. A place of lynchings. A place where civil rights workers were murdered.

“Your ‘but the common people are not going along with these decisions’ suggests you endorse maltreatment of Muslims. I trust not,

Lawrence responds:

Perhaps Peters inspires bluntness. As has been copiously discussed and quoted, the official continental European position has been a disaster in regard to Muslim immigration. Immigration policies encourage enclaves that don’t integrate. But the common people are not buying it – not buying the official position. They can’t live up to it. I quoted Bawer saying that the Dutch are moving out as the Muslims move in. The Dutch haven’t felt they needed to stop being Dutch just because some Muslims moved into the neighborhood. They are not like Americans. They are Dutch. The continental European leadership has been soft on Islam but the common people haven’t shown evidence of accepting that softness. I’ve known Dutch people. I don’t know how anyone would go about turning them into Muslims. I have encountered most of what Peters is saying but I hadn’t heard the “deep south” comparison before. Bawer didn’t see it. Fallaci hasn’t seen it. But as I said, Berlinski hinted something like that might be coming.

As has been discussed, America does integration much better than Europe does. Either Europe learns to integrate the way America does or 1) Europe will turn into Eurabia, or 2) the Clair Berlinski described Jose Bove/Rammstein menace will turn Europeans against Muslims in the manner of the Nazi Germany we have all learned to know and hate. Peters is the first one I’ve heard who says the menace has already turned into a reality.

I don’t endorse European immigration policies. I don’t endorse their pacifism and unrealistic view of humanity. I don’t endorse their Anti-Americanism. Although Revel thinks that is misleading. The majority of Europeans in polls, something like 70%. favor America. It is the other 30%, like our U.S. 30% – which is the most vocal. It means a high percentage “reject our administration,” but if they were asked they would not say they reject America. They would say they have nothing against our “common people.”

It may not be too late for Europe to turn this around. I don’t think the Deep South exists yet, but it may not be far off. If Peters is right they may be thinking Deep South thoughts, but I have heard of no KKK-type activities. Most of the violence we read about has been against Europeans and not by them. There have been a few incidents but nothing that sounded organized – at least I haven’t read of anything like that. If European leaders remain as pacifistic about this as they have been about other threats in the world, they may just let the Deep South happen.

I obviously don’t think continental Europe should become Eurabia? If that were to happen we, the U.S. and probably Britain, would probably have some more Rogue States to worry about, some of them with nuclear weapons. But as I have said, I don’t think it will come to that because 1) there are some signs that some European governments are instituting some remedial legislation, but if it isn’t sufficient then 2) the common people are probably going to turn Rammstein into reality.

Someone sent me the name (which I couldn’t find just now) of the author of a strange note that said we, the U.S., should fix this European problem. I don’t think we should. I don’t think we could. Continental Europe hasn’t asked for our help in fixing their immigration problems. They seem to be asking our help in dealing with Russia; which will undoubtedly inspire more “closeness” between the U.S. & Europe than we’ve experienced through most of the Bush Administration, but they are muddling along on their own in regard to immigration. Furthermore they delude themselves into thinking we Americans need their help in regard to such matters, although they haven’t been so vocal about it since they think we need their help; so there is a serious divergence in perception, but even if they did ask for our help, I don’t think our congress would fund it.

What would be more dangerous, Eurabia or a European Rammstein? I wouldn’t like to have to choose.

Lawrence Helm

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