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Zardari, Obama and Bill Ayers

Jemima Khan: Mad and bad – but the West will turn a blind eye - Commentators, Opinion - The Independent

Some will find finding Asif Ali Zardari’s being head of state in Pakistan disturbing because of his questionable ability to remember things – maybe when he wants to blow something up he won’t be able to find the button.

But shouldn’t people be more worried about Obama? He may one day have access to a button of his own. And his ongoing unrepentant friendship with Bill Ayers, a former member of the weather underground (but now a “respected” Left Wing college professor in Obama’s home state), who in his book Fugitive Days, wrote that he wished he’d bombed more things, is alarming to some of us.

Lots of Leftist take comfort in Obama’s being on the Left, but those Leftists are the ones who invented a lot of the anti-American conspiracy theories that the Islamists have borrowed. Notice in the article that “71 per cent of Pakistanis oppose co-operating with the US in counterterrorism and 51 per cent oppose fighting the Taliban at all, according to a June Gallup poll. The vast majority of Pakistan’s 190 million people may not like the Taliban, but they dislike the US and what is seen as its proxy army even more. Even within the army there are rebels who object to being forced to kill their own people. The majority of the population is also deeply opposed to what it sees as a foreign occupation in Afghanistan, with more than 80 per cent favouring a negotiated settlement and withdrawal.”

I know the knee-jerk Leftists will say all that bad press is Bush’s fault. I’ve read that bad press. It is straight out of Ali Maududi’s play book. There is a tremendous Islamist influence in Pakistan and there has been before Bush took office. Ali Maududi was one of Sayyid Qutb’s intellectual mentors. I don’t believe Qutb ever met Maududi. Obama definitely met his perported mentor Ayers. Ali Maududi founded the major Islamist organization in what became Pakistan. The Taliban came from it. The travelled from Pakistan into Afghanistan. The anti-West, pro-Islamist sentiment was there before Bush took office and it has remained there.

Yes the majority of the Pakistanis have adhered to Islamist teachings. I’m concerned about what Obama is adhering too. Was Bill Ayers one of Obama’s mentors? Some think so. Maybe not as many as those who believed Left-Wing propaganda to the effect that Sarah Palin’s daughter was the real mother of Sarah’s new baby, but a lot. See:

“. . . While the likes of the New York Times, Washington Post, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and other news organizations have their reporters digging for dirt on Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin, John McCain's choice for vice president, their savior-in-waiting Barack Obama is getting a free ride at the expense of truth.

“It's no secret that the denizens of America's newsrooms want Obama sitting in the Oval Office, but Americans are being purposely duped by the Democrat National Committee's volunteer publicists, formerly known as the mainstream news media. . . .”

Jim Kouri then goes on to quote from Bill Ayers’ rap sheet. Kouri ends with a 2001 quote from Ayers: "’I don't regret setting bombs. I feel we didn't do enough.’ Ayers is quoted in a New York Times article.”

Kouri adds a note to the end of his article: “Message to the News Media: Instead of trying to dig up dirt on Sarah Palin, why don't you cover in depth stories such as the Obama-Ayers relationship just for starters. If you need more leads for stories regarding Senator Obama and other unsavory characters, contact me at this publication.”

Jim Kouri, CPP is currently fifth vice-president of the National Association of Chiefs of Police and a staff writer for the New Media Alliance.”

Lawrence Helm

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