Friday, September 5, 2008

Why do I think Eurabia possible?

Why do I think Europe is in danger of losing its identify? Why do I think Bat Y’eor isn’t just another conspiracy theorist? Why do I believe that Muslims with a much higher birthrate than Europeans will eventually supplant them (if nothing changes)? Why is it I think that the Muslim culture which the Muslims retain rather than integrate into European Society will replace the European Society (if nothing changes)? Why is it I credit the common belief that Eurabia is an inevitability (if nothing changes)? I don’t know, evidence, common sense, logic.

There is a paradigm the Europeans are considering to stave off being swallowed up by Islam, the American paradigm, but they aren’t considering it all that seriously. American is “The Great Satan” to almost as many Europeans as Muslims. Still, more and more people in Europe are noticing that the U.S. doesn’t have the problems that the European’s do and are considering some of our policies. However, the small changes occurring seem to be too half-hearted to approximate a serious change. Unfortunately, the Europeans have another paradigm that some think might be just the thing for dealing with the Islamic problem: Fascism. Some leaders (Van Gogh, for example) have been called Fascist when all they wanted to do was change some immigration policies, but there apparently are leaders who do fit that classic definition.

It is easier to criticize people such as Bat Y’eor who draws attention to the problem than to deal with the problem itself.

Lawrence Helm

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