Monday, September 8, 2008

Re: Bernardine Dhorn, an Obama supporter

Polly asked,

“What specifically about what Bill and Bernardine say do you object to in their speeches?”


It is not possible for me to answer your question “specifically.” They both present a coherent anti-American, pro-communist, but now that Communism failed, pro-even-better communism. They believe our economy is evil, or government is evil, our military is evil. We are the most evil violent nation in the world. How can I pick, specifically, anything out of that? What I can do is say that anyone whose career was launched by these two is not someone I want running my country. I would definitely and “specifically” be afraid of where he was going to run us. The fact that you can see nothing wrong with either of them ought to tell you something about your own politics – in case you are in doubt.

Lawrence Helm

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