Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Zabari, source for Obama story

Left-wing knees have been jerking all over the nation. Surely Taheri is some evil McCain employ, I'm sure they want to believe.. Not so. Taheri is a reputable journalist. He has good credentials. And the source of his story is the Foreign Minister of Iraq. This shouldn’t require a defense, but Obama supporters are so locked in they seem to skim such reports and draw conclusions that don’t coincide with the articles they think they are reading.

Hoshyar Zabari is the source of Amir Taheri’s report about Obama trying to get the Iraqi’s to delay America’s troop withdrawals. He is not an “advisor” as Lefty says. He is the Iraqi Foreign Minister. It was not irresponsible journalism as someone else said for Taheri to report the statements of the Iraqi Foreign Minister.

Here is an article discussing talks with Iran. Iraqi Minister Hoshyar Zabari is listed as the source in this Middle East Times article for Iraq’s position: http://www.metimes.com/Security/2008/09/15/iraq_weighs_talks_with_iran_us/ac5a/

Here is another article quoting Hoshyar Zabari. This article by Justin Paulette. http://news.aol.com/political-machine/2008/09/15/traitor-obama-betrays-soldiers/

Some have seen these reports by Hoshyar Zabari as favoring the McCain campaign, but that’s irrelevant. Are they true? If they aren’t then Zabari is lying. What would be his motivation? I don’t know. This incident isn’t going away. Paulette says, “If Zebari's statements are discovered to be true, Obama would be guilty of the most unadulterated political profiteering and moral corruption in modern history.”

Lawrence Helm

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