Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Obama, Ayers, Dohrn, Palin


One other thing that weighs against your view that Obama, Ayers & Dohrn just happened to be in a lot of same places at the same time and had no influence on each other (did you listen to Ayers say he was always looking for a mentor, by the way?) is that his, Obama’s, political position is not inconsistent with Ayer’s and Dohrn’s present political positions. Now I suppose you can argue that everyone who lived in that social milieu, that just happened to hang around near each other without actually being “with” each other or necessarily liking each other (although Obama complimented Ayers and said he was “highly respected”) or chatting together (although Obama said he did share ideas with Ayers, just not regularly) had more or less the same political views; which may or may not relieve our minds. Actually, from my own standpoint I can’t see myself thinking, “ah ha, everyone in Ayers, Dohrn’s and Obama’s neighborhood thought just like they did –not just Obama, Ayers & Dohrn; so I guess it’s okay to vote for Obama.”

I don’t know, Darlene . . . If I were reading a mystery story, and we are trying to solve some mysteries here, I would expect to read about now some senior detective saying “I don’t believe in coincidences,” or “there are no coincidences.”

Your narration doesn’t answer all the issues I brought up. It does portray Obama’s official position in regard to Ayers; which I read, including his irrelevant statement that he was only 8 when Ayers was blowing stuff up.

Your portrayal of Palin is interesting. The Obama campaign is trying to portray her as too inexperienced and ignorant to do the job. Your take is that she is excessively competent, too competent in fact for McCain to withstand her steam-rolling modus operendi. A lot of women are taking a different view of her. A Reuters article this morning is entitled, “Poll shows big shift to McCain among white women.” http://www.reuters.com/article/topNews/idUSN097920080909 One would presume that these women aren’t as frightened of her as you are.

One of the chief causes of your fright seems to be her religious style – all that praying, asking God for help, guidance and success, but that sort of thing is pretty common in our still predominately Christian nation. We know it offends atheists so we don’t usually talk about it, but if you held us down and tortured us, or sent a pack of Left Wing reporters to investigate us, you’d find that most of us pray regularly and are either worried about what God might think of our actions or are actually trying to do what we think God would approve.

Lawrence Helm

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