Friday, September 5, 2008

Giuliani, his Islamist and Leftist enemies

Rudy Giuliani is being criticized, not only for saying Obama is the least qualified presidential candidate in 100 years. He is also being criticized for saying there is such a thing as “Islamic Terrorism.”

Timothy Furnish just updated his blog, , analyzing an article critical of Giuliani. The article is by the IIC, the Islamic Information Center. They think it slanderous for Giuliani to be saying there is such a thing as Islamic Terrorism. Their article can be found at

The IIC article includes the following: “IIC condemns the recent remarks made by Rudy Giulliani during his Wednesday September 3rd, 2008 speech at the Republican National Convention. The views expressed were derogatory and demeaning to all peaceful Muslims in America and across the world.

“These remarks are incredibly offensive and derogatory to the worlds Muslims. It is a fact that the majority of the world's 1.4 Billion Muslims are peaceful, law abiding, family oriented people - and for Mr. Giuliani to use the phrase "Islamic Terrorism" implies the opposite, especially when he prefaces such comments with words such "John McCain will keep us on offense against terrorism at home and abroad".

“There is no such thing as "Islamic Terrorism". Islam and terrorism are intrinsically opposite. Whereas Islam teaches fasting, prayer, and good will to one's neighbors, the goal of terrorism is to use fear and intimidation to accomplish political goals. Furthermore, of the eight million Muslims living on the United States, the overwhelming majority are active participants in American society.”

I admire Timothy Furnish for taking all the bizarre IIC statements seriously long enough to write his blog article. The IIC article pictures a laughing Giuliani, perhaps suggesting that Rudy is enjoying his blasphemy.

Furnish writes, “. . . the IIC folks seem woefully ignorant of the directives and teachings coming out of Shi`ism Central Command in Tehran and Qom, where the senior ayatollahs, the President and the Speaker of the Majlis all together say that the Mahdi will not come to power without breaking a few--okay, many--infidel skulls. Perhas the IIC staff should go on a fact-finding mission to Qom and get with the program. (Presuming, of course, they're legitimately misinformed about the teachings of their own religion, and not simply engaged in taqiyah, or dissimulation, about it.”

Furnish ends with, “And note that this difference on whether Islamic terrorism actually exists is a major one separating the Republican and Democratic parties. Congressman Gregory Meeks (D-NY) is, according to IIC's webpage, intimately involved with this organization--yet more proof of the Democratic party's continuing willingness to whitewash the ugly aspects of Islamic political ideology.”

Good stuff, Timothy!

By the way, I’ve been examining the suggestion that Giuliani was wrong in saying that Obama was the least qualified presidential nominee in 100 years. Some are saying that Wendell Willkie was less qualified, but Willkie in a very short time distinguished himself in the nation’s largest electric utility holding company. He worked his way up from company lawyer to President of the company in 4 years. That has got to involve talent beyond mere speaking ability. He seems the sort of person President Kennedy would have selected for his cabinet – a whiz kid. And his book One World distinguishes Willkie as a forward thinking political philosopher; so maybe Obama’s defenders need to dig a little deeper to find a presidential nominee less qualified than he is.

Lawrence Helm

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