Saturday, September 6, 2008

Europe's Islamist problem


Marines aren’t mentally ill but the Islamists are. Islamists describe themselves in word and deeds and their descriptions correspond to mental illness. You once suggested that I had a thing about their blowing up cars. It isn’t my thing. It was after reading account after account of their doing that in Europe that I mentioned it several times. It is their thing, and apparently not just Islamists but your “moderate” Muslims. There have been lots and lots of damage and it can’t all have been caused by the Islamists – unless there really are no moderates. Are there? They behave insanely and as of the time of the writings of Bawer, Berlinski, Fenby, Yeor, Fallici etc, they are still behaving that way.

Is their being willing to blow themselves up not mentally ill? Do you appeal to Islam to justify an explanation of sanity? Let’s hear it. I don’t think there is one. Anyone willing to blow himself up for virgins in paradise is nuts. Marines are called nuts for being willing to fight such people. It’s all in how you look at the world I suppose.

Bin Laden called for Musharaff’s assassination. Is that not insane? The wimpy of the world worry about the attitude of the Marines, about their being insensitive and unfeeling. But they don’t worry about berserk Islamists. Some of the people I encounter sound as though they would rather stop the Marines than the Islamists. Now that is mentally ill. Fortunately Marines are taught about Civilians in boot camp. They are taught that civilians barely have sense enough to get out of each other’s way. We are taught not worry about the dumb things they say and do but to fight for them in spite of all that.

Lawrence Helm

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